The old home of HNS, 5v5 Old Maps, AutoHop and Competitive Gamemodes.


CS2 + CS:GO Server List

A Game Server Network

[] was originally the largest CS:GO game server network, founded in 2016. The network is still proudly operating our classic CS:GO servers at a much smaller scale, and exploring the future into CS2.

CS2 and The Future

Porting your old [] CS:GO experience into CS2 will take some time. As most of our development/ownership team has retired, production and deployment is being heavily utilized on open-sourced software. All loyal customers will carry their benefits into the new game with old features as well as new ones. We would like to thank all of our players on CS:GO for joining us for an amazing 5+ years.

The Numbers

+1,000,000 Players
+80,000 Cheaters Banned
+301 Consecutive Players Online
+100 Servers Created

Chat with us

Consider joining our Discord to chat with old players, follow our development and be a critical part of our collective.