To our players,

[edan.gg] or "Edan's Community" was originally the largest CS:GO game server network. Amassing over 1,250,000+ players and founded in 2016, we proudly represented a very large part of the CS:GO community for over 5+ years. With the launch of "CS2" in 2023 - Valve made the poor decision to replace the old game, instead of superseding it. With a brand new engine and framework, porting your good old CS:GO experience into CS2 is not possible without extensive investment and software challenges.

As most of our development/ownership team has retired, we have made the very difficult decision to cease operations and expansion into CS2 indefinitely.

As of right now, our CS:GO game servers are still running at a much smaller scale. You may view server availability on our server list page. Your statistics, profiles, leaderboards and purchases still remain. Our legacy website can be found with the links below, all data is still LIVE and no information has been archived.

We would like to thank all of our players for 5+ years of crazy frags, tons of laughs and mind bending jukes. This does not necessarily mean the end, but a temporary halt.

What we ask from you:

Unfortunately, it appears your future CS2 Server experience is being funded and or hosted by sell-out skin gambling websites. We sincerely ask all our players to do the following; remember where it all started!

For any inquiries please reach us at me@edan.gg

Legacy Website
Server List

1,250,000 Players
80,000 Cheaters Banned
301 Consecutive Players Online
100 Servers Created